08 A Letter to Victims of John Langworthy

  • A Personal Note from Amy Smith
  • Contact Information to Report John Langworthy

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A Personal Note from Amy Smith

In a recent comment (March 8, 2013) on The Wartburg Watch, Amy Smith said:

There are other victims out there of John Langworthy’s child sex crimes in TX and MS who have not come forward to the police yet. One has recently reported his abuse to the Dallas police. It’s critical now that others do [so] also for the whole truth to be known, for healing for victims and for other kids to be protected from Langworthy as he’s not in jail and is supported by many in the Clinton, MS, community.

This makes it a difficult environment for more to come forward, especially the younger, more recent or current victims. I’ve heard from concerned people in MS about Langworthy’s grooming behavior with kids. Let’s hope people there begin to reach out to anyone who they think John may have molested or anyone currently at risk.

Let’s do our best to make it safe for them by reaching out to them virtually to encourage them to come forward and call the police. The light of truth and knowledge is our greatest tool to protect kids.

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Contact Information to Report John Langworthy

Here’s the reporting contacts in each location:

Clinton, Mississippi – Detective Josh Frazier Clinton police 601-925-6106.

Hinds County Assistant DA in Jackson, Mississippi – Jamie McBride 601-968-6568 (prosecuted John Langworthy’s case recently for crimes in 1980-84).

Dallas, Texas – Police Child Exploitation unit Doreen 214-671-4211 (answered by Doreen, a trained counselor with many years of experience doing this).

Plano, Texas – Police Detective Washington 972-941-2294 (assigned to Chris Tynes’ case and seeking more information).

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